Monday, January 16, 2012

christian formation and discipleship for methodist pastors

I had the honor of teaching earlier this month in an intensive (thirty hours, in twenty 90 minute sessions) course at the Russia United Methodist Seminary in Moscow. The following is the syllabus:

1. A Theology of Grace
Prevenient, Justifying, Sanctifying
Romans 5, Matthew 5
Albert Outler, Theology and Evangelism in the Wesleyan Spirit

2. The Means of Grace: Theology as a Way of Life
Ken Carter, A Way of Life in The World

3. Means of Grace: Searching The Scriptures
Walter Brueggeman, The Creative Word
John Wesley, "The Scripture Way of Salvation"
Luke 8 (parable of the soils)

4. Means of Grace: Generosity With The Poor
Luke 16 (rich man and Lazarus); Matthew 25 (parables of the talents and the great judgment)
John Wesley, "The Use of Money"
Introduction to Microcredit

5. The Works of Piety and The Works of Mercy
Action and Contemplation, Being and Doing
Luke 10 (Good Samaritan, Martha and Mary)

6. Means of Grace: Testimony
The Conversion of Paul (Acts 9) and Timothy (2 Timothy 1)
Wesley's Aldersgate Experience and its Interpretations
The practice of testimony in small group conversations

7. The Report of the Study of Ministry Commission to General Conference 2012

8. Means of Grace: Singing
The Hymns of Charles Wesley
Singing in the Context of Worship
The Liturgical Year

9. Means of Grace: Holy Communion
Sacrament, Hospitality, Sacrifice
Charles Wesley, "Come, Sinners to the Gospel Feast"
John Wesley, "The Duty of Constant Communion"
Lectio Divina: Matthew 14; Mark 14; Luke 24 (communion texts)

10. Means of Grace: Small Groups
The Class Meetings; Covenant Discipleship, Emmaus Reunion Groups, Disciple Bible Study
Acts 2. 42ff. ("the life together", The Message)
An Introduction to Small Group Theory: Inclusion, Shared Experience, Trust, Task

11. Life Together In The Christian Tradition: Bonhoeffer's Witness
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together

12. The General Rules in the Methodist Tradition
Rueben Job, Three Simple Rules

13. Practical Models of Discipleship
Dave Ferguson, A Movement Begins With You (coaching)
Robert Schnase, Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations (vitality)
Elaine Heath and Scott Kisker, Longing For Spring (missional communities)

14. The Call to Action Report to the General Conference 2012

15. Bible Study: John 14 and 15 (Lectio Divina)
Growth, Connection, Bearing Fruit

16. The Sermon as an Instrument in Making Disciples
Good News, Invitation, Clarity, Authenticity

17. Mission, Evangelism and Justice
Mortimer Arias, Announcing The Reign of God

18. Discipleship in the Wilderness
Sufficiency, Sabbath, Trust
Exodus 16; Matthew 6; 2 Corinthians 12

19. Identification of Spiritual Gifts
Ken Carter, The Gifted Pastor

20. Planning For Christian Discipleship (final exam)
Description of Act of Ministry
Identification of Human Need
Reflection on Spiritual Gifts
Articulation of the "Why" question (scripture and tradition)
Needed Resources
Projected Outcomes


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