Thursday, December 29, 2011

the scrambled dog

I am deeply appreciative of some aspects of the indigeneous culture of South Georgia in which I grew up. I am thinking of the Allman Brothers and Otis Redding (music), Flannery O' Connor (literature), Clarence Jordan (racial reconciliation) and, for our immediate purposes, the Scrambled Dog (cuisine).

So, in the spirit of giving, and in the knowledge that many of my friends will be hosting celebrations during the holidays, I share this recipe for the Scrambled Dog with you. I encourage you to withhold judgment about the Scrambled Dog until you have actually prepared the dish and enjoyed it. This is an ideal meal for a Bowl Game, a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day Celebration, or a Super Bowl Party.


One package of hot dogs (I recommend Hebrew National, but you may choose your favorite brand)
One can of chili (I generally use low fat turkey chili; again, go with your preference)
A loaf of bread (I use whole wheat)
A package of oyster crackers
Mustard (My ideal choice here is Raye's from Maine, but there is flexibility here too)

Options (these ingredients are allowed, but were not a part of my childhood experience in preparing the Scrambled Dog...suit your own taste)

Cheese (for example, sprinkled cheddar cheese works well)
Salsa (while I love Mexican food, I really do not recommend this, but it is allowed)


1. Remove hot dogs from package and bring to a boil.
2. Pour chili from can into a pan and bring to a boil.
3. Place one slice of bread or two onto a large plate.
4. Pour heated chili over the bread. If you are including cheese in the recipe, place cheese on the top of the chili. The cheese should melt into the chili.
5. Dice up the hot dog, one per slice of bread, in half inch increments. Place over the top of the chili and cheese.
6. Pour a generous handful of oyster crackers over the top of the bread.
7. Add ketchup and mustard to taste. This is also the time to place pickles and onions on the Scrambled Dog, and to pour in salsa as well.

Eat with a fork. Bon appetit!


1. It is acceptable to substitute barbecue potato chips for oyster crackers.
2. The recommended complementary beverage is a cold Diet Dr. Pepper.
3. Again, please withhold judgment about the Scrambled Dog until you have actually prepared the dish and enjoyed it!

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Blogger Holly said...

Now HERE is a sign of God's love in the world! Thanks for this delicious post.Just in time for the bowl games.

8:53 AM  

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