Monday, December 12, 2011

images of God

Our prayer lives are shaped, to a great degree, by our understanding of God. In the "Magnificat" (Luke 1. 46-55), one of the Gospel lessons for this coming Sunday (Advent 4), we are given insight into the nature of the God to whom we pray:

God saves
God blesses
God does great things for us
God's name is Holy
God is merciful
God desires reverence
God is strong
God hates human pride
God judges human leaders
God is on the side of the oppressed
God feeds the hungry
God helps those who serve him
God remembers
God keeps promises

As a spiritual exercise, read the gospel passage slowly. How would you add to this list? Then read the gospel again, reflecting on the dimension of God that is most comforting to you...and the attribute of God that is most challenging to you.

The former is your source of encouragement. Claim it!
The latter is your spiritual "growing edge". Work with it!


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