Monday, May 12, 2008

seek and you shall find

Worth finding on the internet...No Depression selects Buddy Miller as artist of the decade (I concur)...A moving piece on Mother's Day by Tom Friedman in the Sunday New York Times...I am quoted in last week's Jewish Week (New York)...and have a brief commentary in the current United Methodist Reporter...An excellent blog, which I have not yet linked on this site, is one hosted by Adam Hamilton of the Church of The Resurrection (Seeing Gray)...and a perceptive piece on "The Church That Doesn't Exist" can be found in the current issue of Relevant magazine. And what does it mean that Jacob "wants to move the island"...(Lost)? If I weren't so lazy I would have provided links, but, hey, I have separated the wheat from the chaff. I only ask that you meet me half-way: type a couple of words into your favorite search engine and enjoy! You can do it...


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