Friday, May 09, 2008

re-entry: family, church and beyond

It has been nice to move back into the pleasures of life and work. May is a time of transition. Our Confirmation service was last Sunday, Disciple II class has its final meeting next week, we are beginning to plan for the fall, using Robert Schnase's Five Practices as our template; some of our leaders and staff have begun reading it. We host an interfaith dialogue in late May, two of our staff will be commissioned and ordained, respectively, at annual conference, we welcome a new director of music in early June, and will host a mission effort on a Sunday morning in late June in which we put together 10,000 meal packets (each with 5-7 meals) in cooperation with Stop Hunger Now. There are some follow-up ideas after having hosted Bishop Innis of Liberia; he is amazing.

For more on the Five Practices and Stop Hunger Now, respectively, visit here and here.

One of our daughters is home for the summer, searching soon (hopefully) for work (!). My wife and I have caught up with the episodes of Lost. I believe there are only two left. Who will make if off the island? And in what condition?

Sunday morning our family will be sitting in a sea of Carolina blue, watching our older daughter graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, with her B.A. in Asian Studies (honors, phi beta kappa). Then we will go to a smaller departmental gathering and then to a lunch at her apartment. It won't be Pentecost in my own congregational setting, but God will be with us!


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