Saturday, May 10, 2008

take and read

Embracing Purpose: Essays on God, the World and the Church

The newest collection of essays by one of the foremost theologians of our era, a man of genuine Christian piety, with experience teaching in Africa, Europe and the U.S. If the way forward is going to be shaped by the Trinity, the Creeds, the Scriptures, and the church across space and time; if we are to avoid fragmenting into thousands of little pieces; if our chief end (purpose) is to "enjoy God and to glorify Him forever"; if the human search for truth, goodness and beauty is grounded in his/her creation in the image of God, which is love...if any or all of this matters, these essays are worth exploring.


Blogger James W Lung said...

Ken: Thanks for posting this. I had not seen this book before, and I look forward to reading it.

Jim Lung

9:02 PM  

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