Monday, November 12, 2007


We always knew Greg House was an interesting guy, but documentary worthy? We'll see. This week on House, a film crew shadows the good doctor as he works on a teen patient who had a heart attack just before getting re-constructive surgery for a facial deformity. It's just a guess, but we think this won't be an easy week for anyone. Tune in Tuesday, 11/13 at 9pm ET on Fox.FOX/Greg Gayne - Friday, November, 9, 2007, 1:9 AM

I watch very little television, actually, but House, recommended in the first place by a woman who was a part of a Disciple Bible Study, is somehow appealing to me. Dr. House is cynical and sexist but also flawed and brilliant. For these reasons (all four?) he attracts an unending succession of people who want to be his students and patients, and the diagnostic structure of the episodes gives the series an element of suspense, on a small scale, of course.


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