Friday, October 19, 2007

usa today

I don't always read USA Today, but this morning i did. On Friday there is a focus on "destinations and diversions", speaking to the leisure culture that has time and money to travel, partake of fine food and drink, and to hunker down, downloading the latest dvd versions of films and taking in the numerous football games on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the articles in this morning's USA Today that caught my eye:

1. The film Once, a nice, independent film, is a strong candidate to be on the best film list as the Oscars are anticipated.

2. Both affirming and negative responses to Joe Torre's departure as manager of the New York Yankees. Hey, Joe, come back to the Braves!

3. A piece about Japanese comic books that I did not fully understand.

4. The defeat of a proposed museum to commemorate Woodstock in upstate New York, spearheaded by Senators Clinton and Shumer. The beneficiary is an upstate Republican who has recently begun contributing to Shumer, who is a Democrat. Don't get me wrong: I loved the music of Woodstock.

5. A killer bug is on the loose.

6. The southeast drought has hit a new crisis level.

7. The unfolding story of ten congressional legislators standing in the way of health coverage for ten million children, and what it will take to get there.

So: a little fear, a little government abuse, a little cultural diversity, some human drama and a nice, small opening of recognition for the outsider, the tedious path toward the common good. Slices of life, courtesy of USA Today.


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