Thursday, October 25, 2007

wisdom for denominational warriors

I am currently reading The Fate of Communion by Philip Turner and Ephraim Radner (Eerdmans), in anticipation of writing a review of the book for the Circuit Rider. This caught my attention:

"It has become painfully clear that those on both the left and the right have chosen to "walk apart". The prophets on the left claim the backing of divine providence that has placed them ahead of the pack. They are content to go it alone and simply wait for others to catch up. The prophets on the right claim to be the champions of orthodoxy--charged with maintaining a faithful church in the midst of "apostasy". The are content to go it alone and await the vindication of God....The the obedient way---one that serves as a caution to the prophets on both the left and the right and a beacon to those for whom maintenance of communion constitutes a fundamental obligation" (199-200).


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