Saturday, June 03, 2006

true confessions

I have never been able to watch The Matrix in its entirety. I don't get it.

I have never read a book by Max Lucado.

I have never eaten in a Taco Bell.

I have never seen an episode of Friends.

I once attended a revival service led by James Robison.

I think The Sopranos is the best thing on television in twenty-five years. The session where Carmella's therapist quoted Doestoevsky....amazing.

I have never been able to read beyond the first paragraph of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I don't get it.

There are more important moral issues than Native American sports mascots. For example, perhaps, reparations to Native Americans.

I once attended a pentecostal service when I was in college. It lasted three hours. I didn't get it.

I think the Left Behind series is an exit strategy for people who don't want to take responsibility for the mess that the world is in.

I am grateful for the focus of Rick Warren on Africa.

I once had a flat tire driving to a Billy Graham crusade.

I have read every word of John Calvin's Institutes, and my life was not enriched in any appreciable way.

I think Merle Haggard was the original rapper.

I think left wing and right wing fanatics should be locked in a room together...oh, I forgot, that is the United Methodist General Conference. Well, the majority of delegates to General Conference.

I don't get the appeal of watching people play cards on television, or people painting walls on television, or people driving automobiles around in a circle on television.

In hell there is a never-ending debate about the merits of contemporary versus traditional worship.


Blogger Sally said...

Great post- love most of these... one or two differneces but good stuff!!

8:30 AM  
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