Tuesday, October 18, 2005

prayers for guatemala

From Dianne Thompson, a volunteer in mission serving in Guatemala. Pam and I have taken part in teams in Momostenango and Quetzeltenango. Dianne is a nurse, and I first met her husband doing flood relief in Princeville, North Carolina. They are great people. Here is a portion of her letter. Pray for the Thompsons, for their work, and for the people of Guatemala.

I thought I would give you a brief update as to the situation here since there is now no news coverage in the U.S. press. All of the roads connecting Mazatenango with the outside are impassable and have been since last Wednesday. There are essentially four roads that connect us with the outside, three go throught the mountains and one parallels the Pacafic coast from Guatemala City. The coastal highway has had at least five bridges completely washed out. Two of these bridges would be comparable to spans we would see crossings major rivers in the U.S. such as the Missouri. There will be no quick fix for these. The mountain highways have several areas where they are impassable due to mudslides. These will be easier to clear, but it is still no small task. In some areas the mudslide has washed the road down the mountain, so rebuilding involves a major construction project. Needless to say, we are cut off from Xela and Guatemala City. Since the roads are closed they are running out of food. There is no gasoline for vehicles and they are rationing electricity to a few hours a day as there is no resupply in sight for fuel for the power plant. Hundreds of villages have been so heavily damaged from the mudslides they are no longer safe to live in. The weather forecast is not encouraging. There is presently a tropical storm developing off the coast of Panama and the projected landfall is Guatemala. Even though Hurricane Stan is gone, it has rained most of every day the past two weeks. Many of you have responded that we are in your prayers. Thank you! We are working with local relief efforts. One of our focus points will be to restore the road from San Francisco to Paquila and Chuisamayac. Lots of rock will be needed and we have been communicating with our villages through Manuel Mas who walked six hours to see us. A medical construction team from Florida is in country. They were scheduled to work with us on the clinic in Chuisamayac. They are in Guatemala City doing some remarkable disaster relief. I praise God they came."


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the people of guatamala will be in my prayers.


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