Friday, September 30, 2005

odds and ends

Some of life is planned and projected. But it can also be random. Here, at week's end, some of the random: I am thrilled that Erskine Bowles will be the new UNC system president. Our daughter is coming in from Chapel Hill this weekend, to celebrate her mom (my wife's) birthday. It is one of those milestone birthdays, and so we will have lots of fun. But not too much fun, because I hit the same one in eighteen months. If the federal government is not going to respond to human needs, and wants the faith based community to do that instead, can I double my tithe and send it to people who will actually respond to human need? I am serious---if there is no federal responsibility, can I send the rewards of labor (approximately 30% of my salary) to someone who will take responsibility? I recommend The Constant Gardener, just released. It's about idealism, compassion, and how we can live with someone and really not know them. The Braves win their division yet again. This makes fourteen years in a row! Amazing. Click here. Food...I have discovered the best vegetarian omelette I have ever tasted, at the Original Pancake House in Charlotte. The South Meck Sabres varsity volleyball currently have a 10-5 record, having lost a couple of tough matches in the last week. Starting at outside hitter is Abby Carter, who is 6'2'' in her bare feet. I will be preaching in a week or so on the Ten Commandments. Any ideas? Send them to me...Paste magazine has a cd inside of it this month that includes great selections by the North Mississippi All-Stars and Jerry Douglas with Alison Krauss. The magazine is worth buying just for the music inside it, and there is also a DVD that includes a Nickel Creek video----I have not gotten around to seeing it yet. Click here.


Blogger St.Phransus said...

love the random thoughts!!

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