Wednesday, May 25, 2005


The Bobcats ended up with the 5th and the 13th draft picks in the NBA Lottery. My prediction: yes, Chris Paul of Wake Forest will be available at #5, and Sean May of UNC at #13. If you look closely, Coach Bernie Bickerstaff is smiling, but he is really not that happy. And haven't we all done that somewhere along the way?

The Steep Canyon Rangers are nearby, in Gastonia, on Monday evening, May 30. You really do want to hear them, if you are in town over the holiday weekend. They are at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

Last weekend was the celebration of our younger daughter's 16th birthday. We had non-alcoholic margaritas (sp?), barbecue, and we sang karoake (an aside: I agree that American Idol is "glorified karaoke"). Our older daughter and I sang "I Will Survive", my wife and some of her friends sang "I've Got You Babe", and our friend, Dr. Tim Champion, of the Chemistry Department of Johnson C. Smith University, sang "Love Shack". It was all really too much.

Some friends in my Disciple 4 class this year recommended House, a series on Fox TV. It is about an eccentric professor/medical doctor, and it moves along, which I like. Dr. House is sort of cynical/brilliant/quick-witted and yet also extremely unhappy. I have been reflecting on the similarities and differences between House and Monk. At any rate, both Monk and House are brilliant, both are diagnosticians. Each has eccentricities that are tolerated because of their brilliance. Each is relationally challenged. Each has endured some kind of personal crisis. Each is profoundly unhappy. I am intrigued enough with what I have seen of House to watch it this summer, since I missed most of the season.

By the way, the new Monk season begins on July 8. "It's a jungle out there...".

My piece on Merlefest, which appeared on this blog earlier, was printed in the Saturday Charlotte Observer (May 21, 2005).

For those of you who like to get out and see the world, Bele Chere in Asheville is July 29-31, and
Folkmoot is July 18-31, in Waynesville. Both communities are in the western North Carolina mountains. From Charlotte you face the setting sun, drive toward the mountains. When they get bigger you know you are getting closer.

On a different note, I have been working with Ed Kilbourne on a cd that combines some of his music (songs like "God Who Began A Good Work In You") with some of my teaching on spiritual gifts. We are trying to do something simple, providing a resource that people can listen to as they are driving around in their cars, or as they are stopped in traffic, or when they are waiting for an athletic event to conclude, or perhaps on a long drive to the beach or to the ocean. We think we have come up with the money to do it, and simply want to give the cd to people who want to hear it, or pass it along to others. Nobody seems to have any time anymore, but everybody seems to spend more time in their vehicles. So, we'll see. Let me know if you want a copy. They should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Ed, for your friendship and gifts.

The peace of the Lord be with you.


Blogger Mike said...

Ed's a good guy. Get his daughter on that CD!

7:46 AM  
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