Monday, May 16, 2005

a prayer for the holy spirit

Create within us, O God
a stillness and a peace
form us
shape us with your hands
breathe upon us
make us new creatures
vessels of your Spirit
allow others
to be drawn
to your beauty

your goodness
your love
through us.

Create within us, O God
a fire and a restlessness
move in our midst
grace us with your compassion
plant within us
dreams and visions
allow us
to be drawn
into the hopes
and sufferings of others
for there we will find you.

Create within us, O God
a sense of wonder and awe
awaken us
to the gentle movements
of your Spirit
to sacraments
of family and friendship
to possibilities of
a new heaven
and a new earth
allow us, O God,
to know ourselves
even as we have been known
by you.

Create within us, O God
a stillness and a peace.

pentecost 05
galatians 5. 22


Blogger Bess said...

Hey Ken, I really enjoyed this prayer. It's just what I needed during exams week. I'm impressed and pleased you've joined the blogger community! -Bess Sturges

1:54 PM  

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