Friday, May 06, 2005

bill white's notes on haiti, january, 05

As one is the oldest and most decrepit, one searches for sage and profound things to tell. And frankly, I am at a loss. But, (there’s always a “but”) one must consider Haiti as a life-changing experience. One cannot look on the bad part—only the half-full glass of water. This has formed vocations, even my own baby daughter is my doctor. Others include those “children” who: 1) became medical (MDs) doctors in Japan, 2) missionaries, 3) RNs, 4) and all sorts of people helping others. No one has come without being changed…even the writer who probably had the biggest change and so I say to you “Listen.” The Lord is in this place. These people know it also…otherwise their life would be terrible. But they know the Lord will not cure their problems but He will give them the grace to carry through. Thank you all for coming to be a part of something that is deeper than we can comprehend. God bless you all, Bill White

Ken's note: Bill White, along with Alice, is the co-founder of the Providence UMC Haiti Mission.


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