Friday, April 01, 2005

after easter

We have been taking a sabbath week, after the intensity of Lent, the power of the Holy Week services, and the jubilation of Easter. Our older daughter had been with us for the long weekend, and she rode back to Chapel Hill with another member of the church who is also a freshman there. On Sunday afternoon we had a quick mexican lunch, then got our things together and drove to Lake Junaluska. On the way we listened to the UNC-Wisconsin "elite eight" game; thankfully, UNC won, and they are now in the final four.

This week has been mostly rest, walking around Lake Junaluska (2.5 miles) each day (sometimes twice a day) with Pam, eating breakfast at Clyde's restaurant (which is not in Clyde, but is actually in Hazelwood), going to the movies (we saw Guess Who, which is a remake of sorts of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?, I would give it a B or a B-), and reading. I finished a superb novel, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson; it comes as close as anything I've read in describing what the inner life of a pastor looks like. We've seen a few friends, watched a little (very little) television, and kept up with the Pope's health via National Public Radio. Pam has been working on pastel drawings, and has completed several of them. One evening there was also a thirty acre forest fire just west of us; this was the excitement for the week.

I drove our younger daughter into Charlotte for a volleyball practice; her team is in a big tournament this weekend in Asheville (it is called, for reasons I won't get into, "Hi Neighbor"). On the way back to Junaluska, again, we ate at Bridges Barbecue Lodge in Shelby, which must be one of the three or four finest barbecue establishments in our state.

Pretty ordinary stuff. But I also look forward to re-engaging in the work, and among the people of Providence next week. It is true that being away from something gives a new and appropriate appreciation for it.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I am reading the Emmaus story in Luke 24, and hope to preach on that passage on April 10. More about that later.

My mother's birthday is today, April 1. Happy birthday, mom!

The peace of the Risen Lord... (John 20).


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