Wednesday, February 23, 2005

remembering ed friedman

I had the good fortune, years ago, to spend some time learning from Ed Friedman. He was a rabbi and a family systems theorist who lived and worked in the D.C. area. He was influenced by the work of Murray Bowen (see the link to the right) and he wrote an important book entitled Generation To Generation.

I go back to some of this ideas from time to time. Here are a few:

1. All of us have a range of responses to life, based on our levels of anxiety.
2. We should not try to diagnose or change other people.
3. We will be happier if we stop trying to diagnose or change other people.
4. A leader's role in the organization is to preserve the integrity.
5. Stay motivated; don't give up.
6. Think about the future and move in that direction.
7. Don't try to keep the peace; challenge people.
8. The higher our threshold for pain, the more we are likely to grow.


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