Tuesday, September 29, 2009

random questions

1. Should the Panthers stay with Jake, or should they trade Julius for a quarterback in next year's draft?

2. Why do church consultants always use the pipe organ as a pinata to bash, with everything that is bad about the church falling out of it?

3. Is the Roman Polanski issue about a middle aged man raping a thirteen year old girl, or is it about the persecution of a great artist?

4. Can the Braves make it into the playoffs?

5. Do I really think Sarah Palin has written a book?

6. If the public option is so terrible, what do I make of family members and friends who attended 1) UNC-Chapel Hill 2) Clemson 3) the University of Virginia 4) the University of Georgia (I could go on...)?

7. Are we headed into another derivatives debacle in the financial world?


Blogger Jim said...

Random answers:
1. My heart is torn, yes and no, or at least let's get our 20 million that we promised him out of him first.
2. Most church consultants were forced to play the organ growing up and have found this is the ideal way to get revenge.
3. The rape is what I would hope, although the victim has forgiven him, but it is probably the later.
4. Don't watch baseball...yes?
5. Two words, "Ghost Writer"
6. Brilliant! and although I have 7 years of a private education, does that make mine better than all of theirs? no.
7. It may not be tomorrow but we cannot continue living as a consumer society for eternity. The bottom will drop out, somehow, some way.

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