Friday, December 12, 2008

the wesley study bible

I want to make you aware of a new Bible now in the midst of publication. The Wesley Study Bible is being published and will be available in February, 2009. It is the NRSV translation, which is the translation read in worship in our congregation, and the study notes were developed by biblical scholars and pastors in the Wesleyan tradition. I had the great honor of helping to write some of the study notes (and here is my additional comment to remind all of us that the scripture itself is very different from the notes, which are of human origin [!]). Among others who worked on this Bible were Will Willimon, Ben Witherington, Laceye Warner, Adam Hamilton, James Howell, Rueben Job, Greg Jones, Marcia McFee, Maxie Dunnam, and Zan Holmes. I am excited about this Bible because the notes found in many Bibles come from very different traditions (calvinist, dispensationalist, fundamentalist), and some skew the reading of the text itself. A Wesleyan approach would give emphasis to God's grace, to the integration of faith and works, and to the necessity of individual faith and social holiness, among other themes.

You can learn more about the Wesley Study Bible by visiting the following


Blogger Matt said...

I've had mine on order for over a month now :)

3:41 PM  
Blogger Craig L. Adams said...

There is also a Facebook Group re: the Wesley Study Bible.

6:25 AM  

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