Saturday, November 22, 2008

let it snow

So we came up to Lake Junaluska on Thursday evening---it had been a very full week: church conference on Monday evening, teaching an interfaith Bible study on Tuesday evening at the Temple, leading a discussion of The Shack on Wednesday evening, speaking to a senior adult lunch gathering on Thursday noon---it had been a very full week. My wife had a decorating project that was on tap for Friday and Saturday, and I would be raking the leaves at our small place here. Well, we woke up on Friday morning and it had snowed!!

I have not yet fully grasped the skill of importing photographs into blogs, so you will have to take my word---it was beautiful. Later in the day it warmed up enough for a two and a half mile walk around the lake----still snow in many places, the moist air coming off the lake, really rejuvenating.

Needless to say, few leaves have been raked. The snow will have to depart and the sun will need to absorb the moisture. In the meantime...A White Thanksgiving. How about that!


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