Sunday, March 18, 2007


So we are in March Madness, and I am spending way too much time in front of the television, to the extent that I have memorized most of the commercials, including the stupid bud lite ones, but also the cool Chevrolet commercial that ends with the road song (the chev-ro-let set). The ACC has only one survivor, the others having been voted off of the island by teams fillled with quicker guards, more aggressive forwards, and hungrier coaches. My final four is projected to be UNC, Kansas, Ohio State and Florida. I know, it's boring, they are all number one seeds, but I see them coming along, especially if UNC gets by USC, and if Ohio State can contain Memphis. I had Texas going deeper, but they fell by the wayside earlier today. It looks like the SEC was stronger than I had suspected---Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Florida are still alive, and I have difficulty seeing anyone ultimately defeating the Gators in the end. We shall see. At any rate, I will be following the bouncing ball, on the road to the final four, until March Madness gives way to the first pitch on opening day.


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