Thursday, November 16, 2006

jeff foxworthy on becoming a redneck

The conversion experience, how one becomes a redneck, by my fellow native Georgian Jeff Foxworthy: "You sit in the back pew or two in the church on Sunday morning, and you make change when you put our offering in the plate. You listen as the choir sings five verses of "Just As I Am", actually the choir hums a couple of verses...then you eat fried chicken for lunch, and then you watch football....that's how you get started"....

And then: "How do rednecks engage in gossip?" "They put it in the form of a prayer request". And one more insight: "Rednecks have discovered that they can say anything about another person, as long as they conclude with 'Bless their hearts'".

Pretty funny, and pretty dead-on :-)


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