Saturday, August 05, 2006

God and politics: faithful speech

My friend Ron heard the speech earlier in the summer, in Washington, D.C., and another friend in our church, Bill, forwarded an abbreviated version to me. The speaker is Barack Abama, and the subject is keeping faith with God in a highly politicized and polarized environment. It is one of the most uplifting and illuminating statements of personal faith and social responsibility I have heard in memory.

Read it all.


Blogger Hypatia 370 said...

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Blogger Hypatia 370 said...

"I came to realize that something was missing as well -- that without a vessel for my beliefs, without a commitment to a particular community of faith, at some level I would always remain apart, and alone."

That one phrase, "a vessel for my beliefs" seems to perfectly capture at least one reason why so many join or return to a community of faith.

You're right about this being an inspiring statement of faith. I hope Barack Obama continues to influence both sides of the aisle... and the pulpit.

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