Monday, July 31, 2006

random summer stuff

More summer stuff...another trip to Junaluska, where our senior adults gathered this past weekend. I left in the evening, mid-week, and returned late Saturday night. While there I walked around the lake a few times, operated (for the first time) our gas grill, thanks to Wes, and started another novel, The City is A Rising Tide, by Rebecca Lee, who teaches at UNCW. It is set in New York City and in China, and since our daughter has been in Beijing for six months now, I thought she might like it when she returns, which is in two weeks (and counting!).

Prior to leaving, I had attended the Josh Ritter concert at the Visulite in Charlotte. He sang several of my favorites----"Kathleen", "I'm Trying Hard To Love You, You Don't Make It Easy", and "Hello Starling". He focused mostly on pieces from his new release, The Animal Years, which were enjoyable if unfamiliar. See the link under "Outside Voices", to the right.

But back to the mountains, I did have my first meal at the Moose Cafe, adjacent to the Farmer's Market, in Asheville. I recommend it. Also bought some apples, and they are good.

The group seemed to have a great time in Asheville/Junaluska, and they returned this afternoon. I was home for morning worship, and continued a series on the Lord's Prayer, this one on the phrase 'Forgive us our trespasses/sins". I will post it soon.

It is hot today in Charlotte! How hot is it?

It is so hot that when you dig up potatoes, they are already baked! But seriously...

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year for us. See my entry about Elizabeth Kolbert's Field Notes From A Catastrophe, posted earlier.

It occurs to me that we make these plans for the coming year in the church, something we are doing at this very moment, and then something big happens, like 9/11 or Katrina, and everything changes. But still we make the plans for September, going forward.

An excellent piece appeared in the Sunday New York Times about the need to disconnect evangelical Christianity from partisan conservative politics. Thanks to Jonathan Marlowe for pointing it out to me, and he plans to blog about it (see "Inside Voices" to the right). Philip Yancey makes a similar point in his What's So Amazing About Grace?, and in a recent editorial in Christianity Today.

In your prayers please remember Jean Lesly and Maude Dorceley, the pastor and his wife who serve the Methodist Church and Circuit in Cap Haitien. They were in a serious auto accident, and have extensive injuries. I have had several meals with them, and Maude has driven me all over northern Haiti. We are taking up a collection at our church for their medical expenses.

Pam and I saw our one movie of the summer, Lady In The Water. I would give it a B+/A-, while my wife would probably give it higher marks. I don't want to spoil it for you, it's by the writer/director Shanana, who used to play in a rock band, I think, but the lady does get out of the water. But having said that, all of the people in the movie are not dead.

Some random thoughts, some more important than others, I am depending on your gift of discernment to sort it all out. The prayers for the Dorceleys take priority.

Stay cool, and God be with you!


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