Thursday, February 23, 2006

pray for upper room editor

Please be in prayer for Dr. T. Lunkim, one of the Upper Room editors in India. Dr. Lunkim was kidnapped four weeks ago in northeast India by a terrorist group. My friend, Stephen Bryant, World Editor of The Upper Room, makes the following appeal.

"I call upon Christians and churches everywhere, especially those who are part of the worldwide prayer fellowship of Upper Room readers, to join us in prayer for the release of Dr. T. Lunkim, one of our Upper Room editors in India.

Dr. T. Lunkim is an Upper Room editor who was kidnapped four weeks ago by a terrorist group called the Kuki Liberation Army. He is a prominent Christian leader in northeast India where Christians are a small minority in the mostly Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim region. Dr. Lunkim has partnered with us since the late 1970’s to develop and distribute The Upper Room devotional guide among his people in the Kuki, Meitei, Vaiphei, and Zomi languages. The Upper Room has a total of 14 indigenous language editions in India including English.

Dr. Lunkim and I visited face to face only three months ago about the ministry he leads and how he has lived with threats and danger ever since Christ called him. His own son was kidnapped by the same terrorist group in 2003 and was later released. He has persevered in the ministry by the grace of God and with unflagging passion for his people nonetheless.

In addition to leading The Upper Room ministry, Dr. Lunkim oversees 500 area churches and a large amount of evangelical and benevolent work among his native Kuki people. He is one of 45 foreign language editors around the world, some of whom work in extremely challenging circumstances, developing and distributing editions of The Upper Room that reach into more than 100 countries.

Since it is now the fourth week since Dr. Lunkim was kidnapped, the staff of The Upper Room are becoming increasingly concerned. That's why we are asking individuals, families, and churches connected with The Upper Room fellowship, and others who feel called to participate, to join us in a vigil of prayer on behalf of Dr. Lunkim and his family, including his daughter Eva and her husband in Pensacola, FL.

Thank you for your prayers".

Stephen D. Bryant


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