Friday, November 25, 2005

gratitude for the world

I am also grateful to God for...

1. Turkey and Dressing
2. ACC Basketball
3. Cool, sunny days
4. The songs of Jackson Browne
5. Naps on holiday afternoons
6. Brave men and women who protect the lives of others
7. Those who want to preserve the environment for future generations
8. Monk
9. Anderson's Restaurant on Elizabeth Avenue
10. The mountains of western North Carolina
11. Salsa's and Monterrey on Pineville-Matthews
12. Did I mention turkey and dressing?
13. National Public Radio
14. The goofy, crazy aspects of the Christmas season
15. Friends near and far
16. The New Yorker
17. The outdoor walking track at the Harris Y
18. The South Meck Basketball Program
19. Health
20. Sunset Beach
21. Good bookstores
22. The poetry of Billy Collins
23. The voice of Emmylou Harris
24. Merlefest (only 153 days!)
25. Streets in Charlotte that do not have speedbumps

In no particular order, in the awareness that yours might be a very different list.
But what would you include?


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Blogger Christi said...

I am grateful to have such a wonder and inspiring minister at Providence.

9:35 AM  

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