Tuesday, November 22, 2005

gratitude for the church

I am grateful to God for...

1. The hymn "Praise To The Lord, The Almighty"
2. The baptismal font and the communion table
3. The Nicene Creed
4. Congregations that house AA meetings
5. Psalm 100
6. Thiu Rancho, Cochabamba, Bolivia
7. People who tithe
8. Romans 8
9. Cap Haitien Methodist Church, Haiti
10. Congregations that house the homeless
11. Non-judgmental evangelicals
12. Eugene Peterson
13. The hymn "Holy, Holy, Holy", with the soprano descant
14. Liberals who love the Bible
15. Creation
16. The great majority of my seminary professors
17. Dayspring Retreat Center
18. The call to ordained ministry
19. Martin Luther King, Jr.
20. Forgiveness
21. Van Morrison's version of "Be Thou My Vision"
22. Daily Bread
23. Memories of singing "Just As I Am" as a child and "Pass It On" as a young person. Really.
24. Augustine's Confessions
25. The Hope of Eternal Life

My own brief listing of blessings I associate with the church, past and present, local and universal. A future list will touch on items related to life beyond the church.

What would you include?


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