Thursday, August 25, 2005

the first day of school

In our town school begins today, at least in the public schools. We have been hosting a day of prayer in our chapel, and a number of folks have been coming in, from our church and from the community. We had asked parents and grandparents to leave photos of their children on the altar, and there are numerous pictures there by now (mid-afternoon).

Here is the guide to prayer that we are using:


Scripture Readings: Ecclesiastes 3. 1-8; Psalm 1; James 1. 19-22; Matthew 19. 13-15


Intercession (prayers for others) for...

  • Students in area schools
  • Children and grandchildren
  • Parents
  • Students attending college
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Faculty and Staff of Cotswold School


Common Prayer

O God, your will is that all children should grow into fullness of life.

We lift to you the beginning of a school year. We acknowledge all of the possibilities, for good and for harm, that may occur. We entrust the present and the future into your hands. We declare our support for teachers and administrators. We pledge to pray for children beyond our families and beyond this church. We will seek reconciliation in our community. We pray that you would ignite the minds and hearts of all students, that they might make a difference in this world. We remember that your Son, Jesus, was a teacher. Help us to follow in his way, which is the way that leads to life. Amen.

  • Record a note at the altar. Thank you for taking part in this day of prayer! Depart in silence.

It's also the first day of school for our younger daughter, and her first day to drive to school on her own. Lord, have mercy. Thanks to those of you who have sent rosary beads. I have used them.

Our older daughter departs tomorrow, for her second year at Chapel Hill.

And so prayer seems appropriate. Praying for their development. Praying as they journey more deeply into the world. Praying as they progress from childhood to adulthood. Praying about relinquishment and letting go. Praying to the One who gave us these children---saying "thank you". Praying for wisdom and discernment, in their lives and in ours.

I wish I could say that the transitions get easier, but they do not.


Blogger St.Phransus said...

That's an awesome idea!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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Blogger Mysticman said...

Hi There ken carter how you going? I was sufing blogs for information on how to pray and I came across yours. while the first day of school wasn't exactly what I was looking for, It was most interesting. I can see why I found your page when I was looking for how to pray stuff. Thanks for the read!

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