Wednesday, August 03, 2005


A few weeks ago our church was entering into a time of making an important decision, and there was naturally conflict within us and among us. In hindsight, none of us was immune from seeing the situation from a human point of view, as the apostle Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5. 16. And so we began the meeting in the sanctuary, with a brief time of worship and offering of gifts. I did give a prayer of confession at that time, and several people have asked for a copy. Here it is:

O God
we confess that we have sinned
in what we have done
and in what we have failed to do.

We are not of one mind as we gather;
save us from the sin of judging one another.

We have not always been patient with each other;
save us from the sin of dismissing each other.

We have not always trusted each other;
save us from the sin of isolation.

We have not always reached out to one another;
save us from the sin of arrogance.

We have not always opened our hands to receive your grace;
save us from the sin of pride.

We have not always believed in your desire to reconcile;
save us from the sin of divisiveness.

O God
your cross stands in judgment over all of us
and yet embraces every one of us.

We repent
and open our hearts and minds
to your Son, Jesus Christ.



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