Tuesday, February 15, 2005

a way of life in the world

Some of you will know that I published a book last year entitled A Way of Life in the World: Spiritual Practices for United Methodists. A group of pastors brought together through the generosity of the Valparaiso Institute has been reflecting on the themes of this book over the past few months, another gathering of adults read portions of the book this fall at Providence, and on occasion I have fun sharing the contents of the book with other groups, such as the one from Saint Timothy's in Greensboro last weekend, or a group of pastors in the Marion (North Carolina) District in a couple of weeks.

You can learn more about A Way of Life In The World, or pick up a copy by visiting cokesbury.com.

Having engaged in what my friends at Car Talk describe as "shameless commerce", my only defense is that this is a book that I enjoyed putting together; it really emerged out of the lived experiences of faithful Christians, and many of my hopes for the renewal of the church, especially United Methodism, are found in these pages.


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