Monday, May 31, 2010

there's a wall in washington

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Maya Lin -


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His name is Jesus... His name was missing in your commentary The connection of 22/6/2010. I arrived on this site after searching my church's web page. I typed in Social Justice, Liberation theology and finally collective salvation.. Sadly there I found a lot of involvement for each one. Your commentary was in response to collective salvation.. In the second to last paragraph you state that that we can get in touch with a holiness(Jesus) that is both PERSONAL and social. I believe it is deeply personal. In addition you state that .. we will connect with the source(Jesus) that may yet be the salvation of our collective soul. I do not find anywhere in the bible or in past studies at the university or the many sermons I have heard as well as my husband deliver that there is a collective soul and that Jesus saves collectively. What are you saying? What kind of a soul is a collective one? I guess you are way beyond what I can understand........

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