Saturday, July 04, 2009

a junaluska fourth of july

So we have been at Junaluska for the weekend of the 4th. The day began as I went with two friends to erect our tent near the lake, so we could have a place to watch the fireworks. More about that later. Then we came home and prepared to go to the parade, which began at 11. It is a quirky, somewhat campy parade, one part Americana, one part civil religion, one part mountain culture. Throw in a splash of Methodism, another of Duke, and another of free enterprise. The floats passed by, they waved at us, some threw candy at (to) us, and then it was over. I don't know which float won, but a friend in our party suggested it should be whoever threw chocolate.

We then followed the end of the parade down Lakeshore Drive, where we encounted Bishop Goodpaster and his family, and some other friends. We made our way to the Nanci Weldon gymnasium, an outdoor structure which houses part two of the July 4th extravaganza: bluegrass and barbecue. Since we had dined last night at "Butts on The Creek" in Maggie Valley (yes this is the name of a real restaurant, and my younger daughter texted saying she wanted a t-shirt), we had reached our saturation level of bbq. But we mingled, saw some old friends, resisted the urge to purchase craft items, and listened to the music. Then we walked back to our car, and returned to the cabin for lunch and then a nap. A long nap. The weather has been absolutely amazing today.

Today I can truthfully say I have not watched a minute of the television coverage of Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin or Mark Sanford...a group that certainly achieves a strong measure of diversity (race, gender,orientation and ideology), but nevertheless are not that interesting, after a time.

The day has one more agenda item, and that is fireworks by the lake. Bill, Gary and I set up the new Coleman tent this morning. Pam, Jacquie and Margaret have the food together; Eddie may well have helped in this area too. We will take our places beside the lake, and, if the past is any indication, we will enjoy a multi-sensory experience---taste, smell, sight, sound, as darkness comes to the day.


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