Wednesday, March 04, 2009

a rant about the rant

Listening in on a couple of the recent rants from CNBC, among others, has brought me to a clarity about our present economic dilemma. The CNBC guys are essentially saying "feed the markets", "feed us". It is almost as if they are children (troubled children?) who want the attention that the busy parent (Obama) is not giving them. The less attention they receive, the more they misbehave. Perhaps they know that there is a finite amount of money, and they want to be at the front of the line (in the past we have called this a bailout). They are supposedly anti-government, and yet their appeal is clearly with an outstretched hand toward big government.

The parent insists that he is all about change. He wants to help people with education, health, and work (the future of green jobs, in a world of diminishing energy resources). Yet it is true that the parent is surrounded, within the inner circle, by individuals who pay close attention to the rant, having profited themselves from the trough of the market on the way to the inner circle. The parent insists that he is going to give the money to education, health and the environment first. The market rants grow louder, questioning the wisdom of the parent, and the child becomes more and more disturbed. The child cries out, "trust us with the money, feed us, and it will trickle down to schools, health and jobs." Perhaps the parent knows that change is never easy, and the rant is simply the vocal resistance to change. Perhaps if the parent feeds schools, health and the environment, new markets will be created, and old, irrelevant and corrupt markets will pass away. But not without a fight.


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