Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a new year

Jesus is the same
yesterday, today and tomorrow
and yet there is a movement of grace
as the ground shifts beneath our feet
and a voice calls us into a new future.

A cloud guides us by day
a fire by night
at times the darkness seems an eternity
the day as if it will never end
and we wait for a sign.

But a sign is given to those who journey forward
nothing stays the same
in the going forth we are met by the One
who seeks, searches and finds us
like sheep that have gone astray
like coins that are lost
like sons and daughters who have wandered away.

The page of a calendar turns
and the spirit strikes us
with the force of a mighty wind
or perhaps there is a soft breeze
that calmly rearranges something
or maybe everything.

Within the changing seasons of our lives
we come to understand that indeed
there is a time for every purpose under heaven
and we discern the movement of grace
follow me, Jesus says

I will be with you.


Blogger Ashley said...

ken, thank you for this posting. your writing has deepened and has been such a blessing...happy new year.

6:27 PM  

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