Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the clintons and the oxygen in the room

Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like the Clintons are taking up all of the oxygen in the room? Or is it actually true that Barack Obama is the nominee of the Democratic party for the presidency? And yet, for two nights in a row, has a Clinton been speaking to the party and to the nation in primetime, at the Democratic Convention? And, in the roll card vote for the nomination today, who would be at center stage but...a Clinton? And who would be the star of the John McCain commercials of late but...a Clinton?

Is it my imagination?

Is there a world that exists that does not have Bill and Hillary as its center?


Blogger gavin richardson said...

i don't think so ken.. and it will continue on for years to come.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...


Bill is one of two former US Presidents who are members of the party, the other declined to speak this year...but has been very present all week. The other Clinton is a record breaking, history making, power broker...which gives her two points above all of the other big speakers this week. Just just happens to be married to the another speaker of same name. Who happens to be the most media savvy member of the party/former US President. :)

I see what you're saying...but forest for the trees, my friend. The words created by all that oxygen, taken up by two huge party leaders, has done nother but praise and support the party ticket...which doesnt feature either of their faces. :)

7:40 AM  

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