Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"lost " in post-easter

Lost - The Complete First Season DVD Cover Art

As usual, we are behind our children on most things, but I have been absorbed the last few days watching the first season of Lost.

That would be twenty- four episodes, without the commercials, on dvd. It is part mystery, part sci-fi, part horror, part mythology. It is very multi-cultural, very philosophical, and, on the whole, very well done. I admit to being behind the times in just catching up to it all, but I look forward to watching the latter day "
Gilligan's Island' inhabitants (in fact, Lost is a sort of postmodern Gilligan's tale) respond to the impending difficulties, which I am sure are just around the bend.

Some perceptions: John Locke is the professor; Hurley is Gilligan; or maybe Charlie is Gilligan. Actually several of the women could be Ginger. And if there is a character like the Skipper, he does not stay around too long....he is a goner.

It's that kind of island.


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