Thursday, December 27, 2007

the wisdom of e stanley jones

"Not my responsibility, but my response to his ability" (77).

"Life became sacramental. I became a better student. I found myself reading my ordinary so-called secular books on my knees. It wasn't secular--it was sacred. The distinction between secular and sacred had broken down. All life was alive, with God". (71)

"Oppositions break or solidify a man. I determined they would solidify me. I wouldn't bear things; I would use them". (48)

"Lord, I'm done for. I've reached the end of my resources and can't go on". "If you will turn that problem over to me and not worry about it, I'll take care of it". My eager reply: "Lord, I close the bargain right here." (89)

"A conservative journal discussing the question "Is Stanley Jones a Modernist?" came to the conclusion that "he has a fundamentalist soul and a modern mind." Perhaps that describes it!" (92)

"The Christ I presented would be the disentangled Christ--disentangled from being bound up with Western culture and Western forms of Christianity". (110)

"Gandhi never became a Christian...But he was a deeply christianized Hindu, more christianized than most Christians. The greatest things in his life were Christian". (133)

"As usually interpreted, karma means that you and you alone reap what you sow. That is a half-truth. Other people reap what we sow, for good or ill. We are so bound up in the bundle of life that we can and do pass on to others the results or consequences of our karma". (142)

"If Gandhi didn't go to heaven, heaven will be poorer without him". (136)

"I was free--free to explore, to appropriate any good, any truth to be found anywhere, for I belonged to the Truth--Jesus Christ. My one point of compass was on Jesus, and the other point could swing as far into truth as it was able. For I was anchored---and free". (92)

From A Song of Ascents: A Spiritual Autobiography


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i like the quote about Gandhi going to heaven. classic.

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