Friday, April 20, 2007

questions for a dying culture and a fallen empire

1. What might NBC have done with the Cho tapes had they considered the feelings of the families of victims? Is it possible that they considered the possible responses, did a cost-benefit analysis, and chose to publicize them instead?

2. Of what constructive use in our society is the weapon employed by the killer of thirty-two people at VT this week? And does the logic that if someone else had possessed a similar weapon all would have been better make any sense?

3. If Paul Wolfowitz remains at the World Bank, after securing a sweetheart job for his girlfriend, can we conclude that he will no longer be traveling around the world speaking on the subject of governmental corruption?

4. Would those who are most in favor of the war in Iraq be willing to declare a moratorium on corportate profits by private contractors, with all profits instead going to 1) adequate provisions for our military on the ground and 2) more than adequate rehabilitation for the wounded who are returning home?

5. Isn't the silence of those who were so adament about the degradation of women in Don Imus' rant impressive when the topic shifts to rap music? Which "art form" is more consistently expressive of a perspective about the role of african-american women?

6. What does it mean that every reality show is in some way an exercise in eliminating people, humiliating them and finally excluding them?


Blogger James W Lung said...

Ken: Shame on you for buying into the lies told by the left about Paul Wolfowitz. Get some facts here:

Jim Lung

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