Tuesday, July 05, 2005

driving with my teenage daughter

This morning I sat in the passenger side of our modest chevrolet and rode with my younger teenage daughter from pretty far down in South Boulevard to Providence Church in Charlotte, which is a hike. We crossed Park and Sharon Roads, flowed with the morning drive-time traffic, turned the radio off, blended in with urban assault vehicles driven by caffeinated adults and octogenarians who could barely see above their dashboards.

I stereotype, but only a little.

Anyway, my younger daughter is becoming an autonomous automobile operator, she is getting the knack of it, and I am experiencing the excitement--yes, I would call it that-- with her. Quite a way to begin the day....

Afterward, the thought did occur to me: what if God relates in a similar way to us? We are given life, gifts, tools, talents to learn to use appropriately. We make mistakes, but we learn about them. Hopefully we don't hurt ourselves or other people too much along the way. God is there, praying that we don't mess it up, trying to get our attention, offering us guidance. At times we don't think we need God. At other times we know that we do.

And yes, at some point we are hoping that we will pass the test.


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